Athina brings her passion and energy into every project, offering personalized decorating services for individuals. As a Certified Interior Decorator, Athina offers consultation and advice on all aspects of interior design.

Athina creates spaces that blend functionality and beauty together seamlessly. Her interiors make you feel something wonderful. Your home is a frame for your life, after all.

Renovation Consulting

Finishing Touches & Styling

Paint & Wallpaper

Space Planning

Seasonal Décor

Fabric Selection

Window Treatments

Furniture Selection

Material Selection

About Me

Athina has always been interested in and passionate about interior design. As a child, she would constantly rearrange her bedroom furniture. The feeling she would get by such simple changes fascinated her; the space felt completely different every time! Today, as a Certified Interior Decorator and the owner of Home Styles by Athina, she gives her clients those same fascinating feelings you experience walking into a new space, albeit on a much grander scale.

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